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Series 98

UK Manufacturer

P clips are used extensively in many industries for securing pipes, hoses and cables. The snug fitting EPDM liner enables the clips to clamp the pipes, hoses and cables firmly without any possibilty of chafing or damage to the surface of the component being clamped, and of course they can be supplied without liner.

The liner also absorbs vibration and prevents water penetration into the clamping area, with the added advantage of accomodating size variations due to temperature changes. EPDM is chosen for its resistance to oils, greases and wide temperature tolerances.

The P Clip band has a special strengthening rib which keeps the clip flush to the bolted surface.

The fixings holes are pierced to accept a standard M6 bolt, with the lower hole being enlonged to allow for any adjustment that may be necessary when lining up the fixing holes.

Klamp P Clips are manufactured onsite giving us the flexibility of offering larger sizes, different fixings holes/bandwidths and unlined versions to order.


Series A98
Mild Steel Zinc Plated (W1)
Series D98
316 Stainless Steel (W5)
A980045 4-5 0.7 100
A980060 6
A980080 8
A980090 9
A980100 10
A980110 11 50
A980120 12
A980130 13
A980140 14
A980150 15
A980160 16
A980180 18
A980190 19
A980200 20
A980210 21
A980220 22
A980230 23
A980240 24
A980250 25
A980270 27
A980290 29
A980300 30
A980320 32
A980330 33 25
A980350 35 0.9
A980380 38
A980400 40
A980420 42
A980440 44
A980470 47
A980480 48
A980500 50
A980530 53
A980540 54
A980550 55
A980600 60 10
A980640 64
A980700 70
D980050 5 0.7 100
D980060 6
D980080 8
D980090 9
D980100 10
D980120 12
D980130 13
D980140 14
D980160 16
D980180 18
D980210 21
D980220 22
D980250 25
D980280 28
D980300 30
D980320 32
D980340  34 0.9
D980380  38 50
D980400 40
D980440 44
D980480 48
D980500 50
D980520  52 25
D980550 55
D980560  56
D980570 57
D980600 60
D980660 66
D980700 70
D980800 80
D981000 100
D981100 110
D981700 170

For larger or intermediate sizes please contact us for further information.


Description Part No. Ave Qty
Mild steel, EPDM liner, 4-5mm to 25mm 54456 74
Mild steel, EPDM liner, 4-5mm to 38mm 53472 110
Stainless steel, EPDM liner, 5mm to 25mm 54470 74
Stainless steel, EPDM liner, 5mm to 38mm 53471 100
Nylon ‘66’ Adjustable, 5-6mm to 30-38mm 54461 89
Nylon ‘66’ black and white, 5mm to 38mm 54462 103

We would be happy to offer kits to your specification, please enquire.

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A980045, A980060, A980080, A980090, A980100, A980110, A980120, A980130, A980140, A980150, A980160, A980180, A980190, A980200, A980210, A980220, A980230, A980240, A980250, A980270, A980290, A980300, A980320, A980330, A980350, A980380, A980400, A980420, A980440, A980470, A980480, A980500, A980530, A980540, A980550, A980600, A980640, A980700, D980050, D980060, D980080, D980090, D980100, D980120, D980130, D980140, D980160, D980180, D980200, D980210, D980220, D980250, D980280, D980300, D980320, D980340, D980380, D980400, D980440, D980480, D980500, D980520, D980550, D980560, D980570, D980600, D980660, D980700, D980800, D981000, D981100, D981700, Assortment 54456, Assortment 53472, Assortment 54470, Assortment 53471, Assortment 54461, Assortment 54462, Other – Please specify in message