Stainless Steel Ties

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Series S95

Whilst most of us are familiar with the Nylon Tie there has been a significant shift to the Stainless Steel Tie in recent times due to its strength and temperature toleration.

Steel ties have a ball-lock retention and care must be taken upon installation as once assembled they are not easily removed. This of course has a significant advantage in applications where a “Tamper Proof” element is useful.

Material: 316 Stainless Steel.

Sizes available:

Klamp Part Size
S950046-150 4.6 x 150
S950046-200 4.6 x 200
S950046-360 4.6 x 360
S950046-520 4.6 x 520
S950079-360 7.9 x 360

Please enquire as this is part of our growing range.

Tensioning/cut off tools are available:

S95001: for Steel ties:

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S950046-150, S950046-200, S950046-360, S950046-520, S950079-360, Other – Please specify in message