Bolt Clamps

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  • ‘T’ Bolt Clamps

    This range is a significant step up from the worm drive in strength though it is not widely used in the UK so that we do not stock in depth and mainly produce to order.
  • ‘U’ Bolt Clamps

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  • ‘V’ Band Clamps

  • Double Wire Bolt Clamping

    A very useful clip where concentrated clamping force is needed. They do not have a wide adjustment range – 3 to 6mm but the 5mm bolt transmits all its capacity to a fine contact area, and of course the smooth edges of the round wire are kind in application.
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  • Heavy Duty Constant Tension

    This heavy duty clamp incorporates a series of Stainless Steel Disc Springs in the bolt tensioning mechanism allowing the clamp to expand/contract with temperature variations and vibration. The clamp has all the advantages of the models detailed on the previous pages so that applications as diverse as heavy diesel engines, marine and discharge operations can all be dealt with, where expansion/contraction would allow other clamps to leak.
  • Mikalor

    Mikalor  was the first company to design and produce  the W1 heavy duty clamp  and it has grown to incorporate W2 and W4  materials to the stage where  the Mikalor clip is the preferred Heavy Duty Clamp for Industry  professionals. With  over 40 years of expertise Mikalor offers technical support where needed  and Pinstructure are a registered UK distributor selling W1, W2 and W4  clamps from stock.
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  • Mini Clips

    The Mini Clip, also known as the Nut & Bolt, Fueline or Petrol Pipe Clip is tailor made for many small diameter constructions where wide adjustment span is not necessary. Our standard clips are Carbon Steel bright zinc plated or complete AISI 304 Stainless Steel.
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  • Specials

    Our expertise enables us to offer 2 and 3 bolt versions and extremely large diameters.